Thursday, 31 May 2012



today is may bff bufday so,SELAMAT HARI KELAHIRAN buat si mata bundar...umur si penggila PINK dah naik 1 oktaf sama macam ako*padanmuka* hantu PINK, si kurang ketinggian, si penggila shopping, si gedik, si garang bila memandu*takutgegirl* semua dia ada...hahahaha... walaupun banyak 'si' pada beliau tapi dia matang sikit dari ako*dahnakkawinkannnnnnnn* cantik juga banyak dia dari ako, baik hati juga dia banyak dari ako, sopan santun jangan cakap..yang tinggal untuk ako adalah sipi-sipi atau sakibaki*kesian*... hak hak hak

hadiah bufday dari boboiboy ke ofice and si kecoh ecah pegi jerit kuat-kuat yang dia dapat bunga...hamikk kau!!! satu ofice kecoh...hahahahaha

buat member bilikku yang hantu PINK :
moga panjang umur
moga murah rezeki
dilindungi ALLAH sentiasa
jadi anak and soon too be isteri solehah...hikhik
kurangkan kegedikkan anda *simpanuntukhusband*..hahahaha
and please! please! please!
kurangkan minat pada PINK..
mari kita minat PUTIH pulak...
sayang kamu ketat-ketat macam bolt and nut yang dah!!



notes: MTI punya wish dah best dah tapi tulisan si pengkedai bunga adalah buruk...haisshhhh spoil mood..

Tuesday, 29 May 2012



sangat-sangat scary...jauh kan la dari jadi kat ako...dah la ako selalu merayap sorang-sorang...


30 Hours Ago, I escaped from being kidnapped
by Chin Xin-Ci on Tuesday, 29 May 2012 at 00:39 · 
As I sit here writing this, I am just so grateful to be alive. 
To think that 30 hours ago I had a knife to my throat, face to face with the threat of being kidnapped and raped. 
It was a Sunday, at 5.22PM. I was alone, walking towards my boyfriend's car in level B2 of The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. He was not in town, and I was running errands with his car. Just as I was putting my shopping bags in the rear seat, the rear car door was slammed against my back, and a meat cleaver was pressed against my throat. A man covered my mouth with his hand, and whispered not to scream. He then shoved me onto the floor of the backseat of the car and waved the cleaver at me, reminding me not to scream. He was skinny, wearing a baggy turqoise blue t-shirt, had a thick moustache and short curly hair, approx 5'8", mid-30s, and of Indian descent. 
At this moment, second man appeared. He was also in his mid-30s. He was wearing a red t-shirt, had a crewcut, and was of Malay descent. He grabbed my car keys and demanded for my parking ticket. I couldn't remember where it was. They shoved me deeper into the car, and the Indian man got into the back seat with me, while the Malay man got into the driver's seat, driving us out of the carpark. 
I told them they could take everything, just let me go. But at that point they didn't even ask for money. Instead, the Indian man started to make sexual advances. Then it hit me. "Oh my God. Oh my God. This is really happening. I'm being kidnapped.. and I think I know what they want." 
From this moment on, there were a few crucial things that happened that I think is the reason I'm alive today. 
1. I managed to get into a position to escape. 
 When they got into the car, the Indian man had tried to force my body down onto the floor. I knew that the moment I'm on the floor, there would be no chance of escape. So I begged him to let me sit up. I promised him I wouldn't scream or alert anyone's attention. Thankfully, he trusted me, and let me sit up, gripping my arm tightly. Then I told him my arm really hurt and to please not grip it so hard. He loosened his grip. 
2. I did not fight for the sake of fighting. 
 I was in an enclosed space, with no clear escape route. I would never win in a fight with these 2 guys, especially when they have sharp weapons. Had I fought from the get go, I may not have been in a position to escape. I might've even been knocked out cold, and God only knows where I would be right now. 
3. I was lucky and sneaky. 
I knew that the only way to escape, was to jump out of the car, even if it was moving. They had locked the car doors. So I leaned back, pretended to scratch my hair, and shakily unlocked the door I was leaning against. I'm so lucky they did not see or hear this! 
4. I went 'crazy' at the right time. 
And then I waited. I knew that the car would have to slow down outside the parking lot, as it exits to merge with the main roads. The moment it slowed down, I opened the car door and tried to make a run for it. I failed. I kicked my legs out of the car, but the Indian man had managed to pull my body back in. >From this moment on, everything is a blur. I remember the Malay driver temporarily stopping the car, leaning over from the driver's seat and attempting to close the door and pull my legs in. At that point I remember thinking, "Even if I don't get out now, I need to keep the door open and my legs out the door. At the very least, it should cause a scene, and someone would see me. Or, the door might hit another car and they'll be forced to slow down." So I continued kicking. My right foot pushed against the wide-open car door to keep it open. I recall elbowing, struggling, kicking, and even biting. I lost my glasses, and was struggling blindly for my life. At some point the Malay driver yelled, "BAGI DIA LEPAS! BAGI DIA LEPAS!" (Let her go! Let her go!) and the Indian man loosened his grip. I made a jump out of the still-moving car, and ran for my life. 
5. I acted in spite of the fear. 
My friends said I was brave. But I didn't feel like it. I was quivering and shaking in fear. I was so afraid. I thought I was going to die.  I was weak with fear and deathly afraid. I truly thought "this was it". But I knew I HAD to move. I had to run. Or there would be a worser fate in store for me. While I was quaking in fear, I forced myself to look around and see if there was any way I could escape, or even catch someone's eye. 
6. I remembered the people I love. 
The only thing that matters when you're faced with potentially horrendous fate, is the people in your life. When I felt the knife to my neck, the first thing I thought was , "This cannot be happening. I must be dreaming." The second? The people that truly matter to me flashed across my mind. It sounds cliche, but it's true. I thought of my parents. My brother. Khailee. Esther. More people. That's all I could think of for a few moments, before I started brainstorming my escape. 
I ran towards the Maybank outlet at the Curve. There were plenty of people milling around. I screamed for help over and over again. I was hysterical. I grabbed an older Malay man by his shoulders and begged for help before practically collapsing at his feet. 
I will always remember the relief and liberation I felt, running over Mutiara Damansara's manicured grass and into the crowd. 
Today, I found out that the entire ordeal from the moment I left the parking ticket payment machine, to my escape, happened in about 4 minutes. To me, it felt like one long nightmare. 
We never think its going to happen to us... and then it does. I used to think that this is something that happens only in the papers and to people far, far removed from me. But then it did happen to me. I moved to PJ/KL 6 years ago, and I've spent countless mornings, afternoons and nights at The Curve. When my friends and I were organizing Rock Up! back in 2008, we were walking around the place at 4AM even. It's been 6 years, and never once did I feel that I was unsafe at The Curve. Until yesterday. 
I feel like moving out of the country ASAP. Getting the hell out of this state where you hear of a kidnapping or attempted one every month (remember Nayati?), or a snatch theft every week. And yet I'm fully aware of the fact that in another country with more lax firearm laws, they would've been holding a gun to my head, not a cleaver. And that would've been so, so much worse. 
I'm Blessed. By God's grace, I am alive and relatively well. And I will live another day to build another cat iPhone app. It just was not my time to go. And for that, I thank God. 
I want to share this story with everyone because cops tell me that they rarely get to hear it from someone who escapes. 
Girls, be so very careful. Be vigilant, and please try not to go anywhere alone. If you need to walk to the carpark, and you're alone, get a guard to go with you. I was recently told that it's part of their job description to assist anyone if needed. 
Guys, watch out for your girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters and friends. Walk with them, don't take their paranoia or fear lightly. Watch out for them. 
And everyone, just watch out for each other. Take care of each other. These things really DO happen. As I ran out of the car, so many people came to help me. Strangers who didn't know who I was, came forward and offered me tissue paper, water, cellphones, and general comfort. 
Malaysians, please care for one another. You already do. Just keep on caring. Keep watching out for each other. Don't worry about being thought of as "busy body" or "overreacting". The world can be a cruel place, but all it takes is for people to care for one another to make all the difference. 
Best Regards, 
Sandra Ong 
Export Division 


jadi anda-anda semua please take care of yourself...sampai-sampai kan pada semua family members... bila agak-agak kau orang terparking jauh dari pintu masuk "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!"...tak kisah la basement tue scary or tak... masuk kereta and lock as fast as you can...barang-barang pun hangkut je msuk kereta... tak payah nak feeling-feeling retiss nak bukak boot kereta kau orang yang bersepah tue... kau nak selamat atau nak kene jual kat siam...kalau dia jual... dibuat nya dia rogol... lepas tue kerat-kerat kau jadi lapan puluh lapan bahagian... campak kat laut bagi piranha makan... ha!! acaner??? tak kesian kat family ke!!! huh*stress sendiri*

so, please take care of yourself..moga kita semua dilindungi ALLAH dari segala bahaya.. AMIN





huargghhhhhh!!!!!*menguap*... hari yang membosan kan... tak ada projek yang tengah on going jadi kat ofice tak ada kerja sangat... dari pagi membawa ke petang keje ako refresh dashboard... berharap orang lain update blog memasing... sedangkan ako sendiri malas nak update... nie pun ako merapu dengan kepala melepek atas meja... jari ako yang montokz-montokz je ako gerakkan*dasar pemalas*... idea untuk membebel pun ako malas nak pikir... ape yang terlintas kat otak ako taip je la... nasib kau orang la sapa yang TERbaca blog yang tak ada info nie... apa yang ako tahu ako memang rajin baca blog sendiri... agak seronok baca blog sendiri*matikk la dikeji*... satu entry je ako boleh ulang baca 4 5 kali... lepas tu kutuk diri sendiri sebab taip entry tah ape-ape... tapi ako tetap akan baca jugak lepas keji diri sendiri*sengal*... tapi sekarang tengah bosan... entry sendiri adalah malas untuk dibaca...hmmmm~~

ofice sangat sejuk sebab baru tukar econ... masuk ofice haruss ingat bantal and tilam... alangkah indah nya kalau  dapat tido time sejuk-sejuk... double indah kalau dapat makan dulu baru tido... ako lapar T______________________T sejak akak sebelah meja nie preggy ako pun terkene tempias nya... lapar memanjang... habis segala biskut kering kat pantry ako bantai... sedap ke tak perkara ke dua...yang penting ako dapat memuaskan tekak untuk menelan...tapi bila kat rumah*sewa* tak ada la nafsu makan tue melampau macam kat ofice... mungkin nafsu tue cuma ada dekat ofice... patut la berat ako makin mencanak naik T______________T bila nak turun nya ako pun tak tahu... hmmmm~~

jam cepat la bergerak...ako nak balik cepat...nak pegi pasar malam nak makan... kesian perut ako lapar... kesian juga mata ako.. ngantuk nak tidur...
oh! ako merapu...
BOSAN la!!!!!!!!!

kau orang update la blog pastu bagi ako link...nanti tak la ako bosan...kesian kat ako...dah macam orang sasau kat ofice nie T_________________T



Monday, 28 May 2012



This is moksu crazy idea... moksu who love to sakat-sakat anak buah... misi balas dendam juga sebab husna always cry when moksu start to kiss her... sangat tidak tahan okay... pipi tembam bak kueh apam... gebuss-gebuss lagi...saya sokaaaa!!! saya sokaaaa!!!

can u find husna??? hak hak hak...

and this is husna's big sister...humaira who love to help moksu to buli-buli husna... but husna tak rasa dirinya dibuli pun T_______T ... at last si kakak yang menangis bagai nak rak after moksu bawak lari husna dari tempat pembulian... kesian~~~ 





Alhamdulillah.. umor ako naik lagi satu oktaf... walaupun yang naik nya satu je tapi jumlah angka nya sangat la besar... dan semalam jugak baru terperasan ako dah tua... selama nie buget muda... tapi hakikat nya ALLAH sahaja yang tahu... sob! sob!

thanks pada kawan-kawan yang wish... tak kisah la dekat phone or mukabuku.. thanks kamu-kamu... sayang kamu ketat-ketat*ambik hati*

ini adalah sebahagian... malas nak print screen banyk-banyak... yang kat phone pun ada.. tapi phone ai phone baling tenuk... ai segan nak tayang...hik hik *lempanglapanpuluhlapankalik*

disebabkan semalam ako stay rumah akak... so dia masak nasik lemak + puding as a bufday gift... motif masak nasik lemak sebab badan ako kurang lemak...cisss!!!  jeles la tue... tapi ako nie REDHO je... telan je la... rezeki kau... tak kan nak tolak... rugi! rugi!... hak hak hak *tak sabar nak balik kampung sambut ramai-ramai*

tahun nie ako tak ada wish list hadiah... mungkin sebab dah tua*sentap* jadi tak terasa nak apa-apa... cuma berdoa jadi anak+adik+moksu yang akan bertambah iman nya hari demi hari... berharap jugak dapat sambung degree... owh! nak suami yang soleh satu!!*doawajib*... hew hew hew 

okay..itu je bebelan orang tua untuk entry ini... sob! sob!



Friday, 25 May 2012



ingat lagi entry ako pasal SPARKLE. alaa lagu yang YUNA nyanyi tue. yang ako terpegun sampai mata tak berhenti berkelip tue. music video tue dah siap. yea!!!!!! *lompat bintang*

sangat sweet. siap ada Qi lagi. tak kesah la walau dalam phone je pun. 

sangat-sangat kreatif. yay!!! sangat sokaaaa...
yuna! i love u!!!!!*eh?
hew hew hew
moga yuna terus sukses. 



Wednesday, 23 May 2012






Takziah buat kak moon and family atas pemergian kak norma (her SIL). Allah lagi sayang arwah. 

 berat mata memandang. berat lagi bahu yang memikul. moga talib (suami arwah) dan keluarga arwah sabar dan tabah. redha dengan apa yang telah dijajikan ALLAH selama ini. moga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah.  


notes: siapa kak moon? nanti ako story okay..

Tuesday, 22 May 2012



sabtu lepas hari last akak rumah ako stay rumah sewa yang cantik tue*tipu!. disebabkan dia dapat tukar kat putrajaya maka kami-kami pergi makan-makan sempena meraikan beliau keluar rumah. tak pegi mana pun. makan pizza je pun. hak hak

insan yang dirai. kenape la gambar nie gelap. dah macam anak afrika dah ako T_________T
tapi lagi kesian orang yang diraikan. kene belanja kami. sepatutnya kami yang belanja beliau. kesian~~~

kau orang tengok! tak paham ako. siapa yang dirai siapa yang over*orangtudungoren*. over tau you nie. lempang kang. mencik tau! lain kali jangan buat perangai macam tue lagi. no! no! no! tapi itu la yang ako sokaaaaa. biahahahahahaha

gambar makanan tiada okay. alaa tak kan pegi pizza makan kueh koci kot. agak-agak la. tapi gambar minah over ada banyak. nasib la kau orang muntah tengok dia. hak hak hak

sentiasa ready minah over nie. dah boleh join battery eveready club dah. kah kah kah

baru nak feeling-feeling kat spa kan. sekalik gambar belakang ada pizza. kat spa ada pizza kah? hak hak hak .kantoi kami disitu. hew hew hew. okay tue je.



Monday, 21 May 2012



lepas maghrib  nie dah masuk 1 REJAB.

jom kita puasa ramai-ramai.




nampak nya tak dapat la ako nak jadi cikgu. tak apa lah. kita jadi surirumah aje la*eh?. hahahahaha. tapi ako berharap sangat permohonan sambung degree lepas. untuk lepasan SPM dia orang dah umum kan dah. lepasan diploma tak tahu bila. dup dap dup dap ako*stress. kepada sesiapa yang dah buat permohonan hari tue boleh check kat >>SINI<< . good luck ye kau orang. FIGHTING!!!!!

rindu nak konvo lagi.



Wednesday, 16 May 2012



Selamat hari guru untuk semua insan-insan yang bergelar guru. tak kisah la cikgu mengaji ke, cikgu masak-masak ke, cikgu besar ke, cikgu kecik ke. yang penting dia menyumbangkan*ayattakbolehbla* ilmu kepada kita. 

ako ingat lagi masa kecik-kecik dulu kalau orang tanya nak jadi apa? ako akan jawab "kita nak jadi cikgu. jadi cikgu best. boleh dapat banyak hadiah" *motip*. lagi pun arwah mak memang berharap semua anak-anak dia jadi pendidik. tapi sorang je yang tersangkut yang lain kelaut. tapi tak apa kan mak. yang penting ado dari nan ado. hehehehe

jadi seorang cikgu jugak bukan la senang. kau tengok memang la senang.  cuba kau jadi cikgu. semua kerja kau kene buat.

Time pertandingan...cikgu jadi PENGADIL
Time budak nak masuk pertandingan...cikgu jadi JURULATIH
Time aktiviti KH...cikgu jadi PETANI
Time kutip yuran...cikgu jadi AKAUNTAN
Time RMT...cikgu jadi PELAYAN
Time budak sakit...cikgu jadi DOKTOR
Time hias kelas...cikgu jadi PELUKIS SENI
Time persembahan hari guru...cikgu jadi KOMPOSER
Time murid muntah/berak...cikgu jadi TUKANG CUCI
Time budak mencuri...cikgu jadi DETEKTIF
Time budak buat persembahan...cikgu jadi PHOTOGRAPHER
Time aktiviti perkhemahan...cikgu jadi TENTERA/PAK GUARD
Time hari kantin...cikgu jadi PENIAGA PASAR MALAM
Time gotong royong...cikgu jadi TUKANG KEBUN
Time solat...cikgu jadi TOK IMAM
Time budak bergaduh...cikgu jadi HAKIM MAHKAMAH
Time budak sakit kecemasan...cikgu jadi PEMANDU AMBULANS
Time merentas desa...cikgu jadi POLIS TRAFIK

semua cikgu boleh jadi. dah macam multi purposes human. lotih hoii!! tapi sangat hebat. ako pun tak mampu nak buat semua kerja-kerja*pemalas*. jadi!! buat cikgu-cikgu seluruh dunia. terimalah!!!!!

cikgu adalah superhero saya.



Tuesday, 15 May 2012



wah! semua orang berharap-harap ada satu TV gempak terletak elok dekat ruang tamu rumah memasing. lepas tu boleh la tayang dekat jiran-jiran. kalau boleh nak ajak jiran-jiran sekali datang tengok TV yang gempak tu dekat rumah kau*ako la tue*. hahahaha. tapi kalau LG CINEMA 3D SMART TV nie ada dekat ruang tamu rumah ako. comform! ako tutup pintu. ye la! kang jiran-jiran asik datang nak tengok TV je. bila nya ako nak tengok. pedulik la jiran nak cakap ako kedekut ke apa. ade ako kesah!! *jeling*

dengan hanya berbekalkan ketebalan 1mm yang boleh mencairkan nafsu comform semua orang nak.kalau tak nak boleh bagi ako. sebab ako nak tukar TV dekat rumah yang tebal tahap buku SPM tue. dah la siaran kejap okay kejap tak*mencik!!!*. dah la besar. boleh jadi kan wayang dekat rumah. jimat duit dari nak hangkut satu family pegi tengok wayang. sambil tengok boleh golek-golek, makan-makan*wajib* nak menjerit pun idak la segan sangat. family je pun yang ada. hew hew hew

ako geledah-geledah jumpa beberapa info yang diharap semua nya benar-benar belaka*sendiritakpercaya*

 Smart TV
LG Cinema 3D (w/2D to 3D Conversion)
LED Plus w/Local Dimming
4 Free 3D Glasses Included
TruMotion 120Hz
Wo-Fi Ready (adapter included)
Full HD 7080p Resolution
DLNA Certified

Screen Size  55″
Screen Size Diagonal  54.6″
3D Ready  Yes
Native Display Resolution  1920 x 1080p
Contrast Ratio (DCR) 8,000,000:1
TruMotion (Frame Rate)  120Hz
MPRT 120 Hz
Local Dimming (2D and 3D)  Yes
Limited Warranty  1 Year Parts & Labor
Full HD 1080  Yes
ENERGY STAR® Qualified  Yes
No. of HDMI Ports  4
LG Smart TV  Yes
DLNA Certified®  Yes (Movie/Photo/Music)

XD® Engine Yes
Aspect Ratio Correction  5 Modes (16:9/Just Scan/Original/4:3/Cinema Zoom)
Color Temperature Control  3 Modes (Warm/Medium/Cool)
Picture Mode  7 Modes (Intelligent Sensor/Vivid/Standard/Cinema/Game/isf Expert 1/isf Expert 2)
Just Scan 0 % OverScan  HDMI™: 1080p/1080i/720p, Component: 1080p/1080i/720p, RF: 1080i/720p
24p Real Cinema (5:5/2:2 Pull Down)  (24p 5:5/2:2 Pull Down) (HDMI 1080 24p)
Expert Mode/ISFccc® Ready  Yes
xvYCC  Yes
AV Mode (Picture & Sound)  Yes (Cinema/Game/Sport)
Picture Wizard II (Easy Self Calibration)  Yes

Mono/Stereo/Dual (MTS/SAP)  Yes
Audio Output Power (Watts – THD 10%)  10W + 10W
Speaker System Details  1 Way 2 Speakers
Dolby® Digital Decoder  Yes
Surround System  Infinite 3D Surround
Bass/Treble/Balance Controls  Yes
Clear Voice II  Yes
Auto Volume Leveler  Yes
Sound Modes  5 Modes (Standard/Music/Cinema/Games/Sports)
3D  LG Cinema 3D (FPR)
2D to 3D Converting Depth Control Level  3D Effect, 20 Levels
3D Depth Control  Yes
3D to 2D  Yes

Magic Motion Remote  Yes( Included )
Smart Energy Saving  Yes
Intelligent Sensor Yes
1080p Source Input  HDMI: 60p/30p/24p, Component: 60p/30p/24p, RGB: 60p (WXGA)
A/V Input Navigation  Yes
Input Labeling  Yes
Closed Caption (CC)  Yes
TV without stand (WxHxD)  50.9″ x 30.9″ x 1.2″
TV with stand (WxHxD)  50.9″ x 33.5″ x 13.0″
Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD)  62.8″ x 34.6″ x 7.4″
TV without stand weight  48.5 lbs
TV with stand weight  57.8 lbs
Shipping weight  69.7 lbs

banyak kau. sampai meleleh-leleh air liur ako bace. tak boleh jadi! LG tolong la bagi dekat ako satu. kesian ako. TV kat rumah gabak sangat.please~~*kelipkelipmata*. lol!! boleh juga ke >>SINI<< .

bila sebut pasal 3D harus la ada kaca mata*cewah!!*. tengok TV sambil pakai cermin mata. feeling-feeling diri retiss. kelas kau nami. yang penting kau ada? tak kan! tapi budak kat bawah nie ada.

sambil baring-baring, guling-guling juga dia mampu tengok dengan jelas.hebat bukan? kau beli satu LG CINEMA 3D SMART TV kau dapat 6 pasang 3D glasses nie. uisshh!! jimat. yang paling jimat bila kau tak payah susah payah nak charge bagai nak rak. boleh pakai bila-bila masa. 16gram je pun. hidung kau orang yang pesek tu pun tak sempat nak patah. hew hew hew

semua benda juga mampu terkeluar dari screen. gempak habis!!! kalau tengok cerita korea haruslah lagi heaven* berangan* . jadi! kepada anda yang gila akan 3D sila la beli 2*satulagiuntukako* dan ako rasa kau orang tak akan rugi kalau ada 1 LG CINEMA 3D SMART TV dekat rumah. nak jugak!!!!!! *hentakhentakkaki* lol


entry nie ako buat disebabkan ini

first event dari nuffnang. selama nie asik baca orang lain pergi event sana, event sini*jeles*. akhirnya ako dapat jugak. thanks nuffnang. tapi SORRY =( . ai tak boleh nak join. cuma boleh buat entry. ai kerja *sedey* . lain kali buat la hari minggu. comform ai join. tau! tau! *angguk-anggukkepala* hew hew hew



Monday, 14 May 2012



hye! hye! dah dengar lagu baru yuna belum?
belum? meh-meh dengar sama-sama dengan ako.

Sparkle - Yuna

You make me sick in a lot of ways
Make me smile always
I'm just really into
Having this chase
Kept my eyes open everytime
Falling for you is a crime
We let sparks go off
This time

Oh oh
I've been here before
Not long ago
With someone just as beautiful
Just as doubtful
I sure don't mind
Having you
This time

I see it in the steps you take
I hear it in the sounds you make
I'm just really into
Having a taste
Remind me how we got this far
Remind me how we fell apart
Oh I can't give you
That space in my heart


And then we fall asleep.

I'm the one
Whos always in the way
But you got me
Hoping for more more more
I'm here to stay
As though I am always there
As though I had never left

Oh oh
I've been here before
Not long ago
With someone just as beautiful
Just as doubtful
I sure don't mind
Spendin time
I've been here before
Not long ago
With someone just as beautiful
Just as doubtful
I sure don't mind
I sure don't mind
I sure don't mind
Getting hurt again

oh! shomel je. akhak suke! akhak suke!*kelipkelipmata* . oleh itu, dengan keberjayaan*bantai* ako kelip-kelip mata tanpa henti. dengan ini ako umumkan. yang ako telah menjoinkan diri dalam THE SPARKLE PROJECT . pom! pom! pom!*bungaapibentukbintang*


okay! meh ako bisik kat kau orang. tapi jangan bagitahu orang lain. kang dia orang menang susah la ako*matapandangkirikanan* hew hew hew. 

yuna dan samsung galaxy note telah bergabung*meletup!* untuk THE SPARKLE PROJECT. lagu yang dipilih ialah lagu yang buat ako terkelip-kelip diatas "SPARKLE". yang heaven nye ako, kau, dia dengan tue yang kat belakang kau*lambai-lambai* tue pun boleh join sumbang idea untuk music video "SPARKLE" nie. gempak tak gempak beb!. caya la lu yuna*over!!*

jom kita join sesama. mula-mula pergi dekat THE SPARKLE PROJECT. then kau orang akan nampak yuna duduk tunggu kau orang punya idea.

"hai yuna!! i lap u very strong like galaxy note lah" =D
click The Idea Cloud...nanti akan keluar macam kat bawah nie.

 lepas tue kau orang pilih la nak sumbang idea kat mana. ako tau idea kau orang kan gempak-gempak*jeling*. salah satu yang ako buat. ako pilih The Spark Of Love. lepas tue akan keluar galaxy note yang tak boleh dipegang nie*stress*.

kalau tangan kau orang hebat apa lagi. pegang la pensil tue*kalau dapat* hahahaha. disebabkan tangan halus ako manja. jadi ako upload je picture. habis cerita*malassebenarnya*

gambar pun ako pakai taram je upload. testing dulu. kang ada idea lagi gempak dari kau orang ako buat la lain*coverline*

lepas tue isi form nie. ako tak print screen yang ada description sebab takut kau orang tiru*bugetayatgempak*. dah siap isi sila submit ye.

loading! loading! loading!

yea!!! and yuna pun ajak ako join dia buat music video*tipu!!!!* hahahaha. dah abis yang nie kau orang leh bagi idea kau orang yang belambak tue kat part lain pulak. macam ako. ako join yang dreams jugak*gilertamak*. tapi segan nak tunjuk. miaw! miaw! . ako tak publish gambar pakwe okay! ape barang pakwe-pakwe*jeling*.

oh! kau orang jugak boleh gebang idea kau orang kat muka buku dengan burung biru kau orang. ako pemalas lipas. so, no sharing no caring*kejampetalakelapan*.

so, marilah kita mengimarahkan lagi THE SPARKLE PROJECT nie dengan mensubmit  jota-jota idea. 'yuna darling, jangan pening okay! agak-agak susah nak pilih. amik je idea ai. ai tak kesah punya" biahahahahaha.